Software Licensing and Management Services

Managing and aligning your software licencing with your business needs

In the complex world of software licencing, Bell offers an end-to-end consultancy and implementation service to identify and manage the best licencing models for your business so that you’re always compliant, without over-provisioning.


The challenge

Software licencing forms the major part of IT spend for many organisations. With this comes the burden of managing and tracking what licences have been purchased. There can be a lack of knowledge of the installed software base which brings the added risk of running non-licenced software and FAST non-compliance standards. This can also lead to over-provisioning of current licencing, poor commercial deals with software providers and lack of governance around new software introduction.

Businesses need to strategically align their software licencing against their business needs, ensuring they are compliant and the most effective, and balance this with the potential for over-provisioning.


Our solution

We offer an end-to-end service to simplify your software and licencing to ensure you’re always compliant and maximising usage against current agreements.

During the planning phase, Bell will look to document the high level plan and pre-requisites for the following:

  • Identify software to be discovered
  • Operating system and database requirements
  • Licence software agent installation planning
  • Firewall ports and internet access requirements
  • Access requirements

Application Installation
The installation phase will look to deliver a fully operational and functional licence management server. This includes:

  • Post build operating system configuration
  • Licencing database installation
  • Install latest software catalogue
  • Licence software agent installation
  • Server or hypervisor connections
  • Base user configuration
  • Configure software scans

Software Classification
Software classification will cover the review of software components that have been discovered during the discovery phase. Each discovered component will be mapped to a software product and potential issues will be identified and documented.

Ongoing Remote Management
This will cover the deployment of new agents and identify and rectify agent connection issues. We will resolve any infrastructure conflicts and proactively monitor for reporting conflicts and software inventory on agents.

Remote Catalogue Updates
We’ll produce monthly updates to software catalogues and import any new licences purchased.

Bell provides monthly scheduled reports as well as onsite quarterly license reviews including recommendations of the most appropriate licencing models for your business and applications and quarterly audit snapshots.

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